5 months ago

Hosting a Laravel, Lumen API, Vue.js system

Posted 5 months ago by jamalali

I am currently developing a web-based business system for a small manufacturing company. The system will be a public facing website, a password protected admin website and an api. Here is a link to an low-level diagram to explain the propsed system:


My question is regarding hosting. What is the best hosting solution? Which hosting providers are capable of handling up-scale?

My idea is to have the front-end website, the api and the back-end admin website all on their own ip address. The back-end will be doing a lot of heavy work like sending out emails and watching for live changes to orders and I want the api to be as quick as possible so I want that well away from the back-end server. The front-end I'm thinking will just be front-end code without any server-side scripting.

Is this the best way to set this up? Feel free to suggest an alternative model, I'm all ears.

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