Homestead v6.5.0 bad gatweway error 502 trying to use php 5.6

Posted 1 year ago by longestdrive

Hi I'm using the latest version of homestead v6.5.0. The set up is working well for my Laravel 5 sites but not for a laravel 4.2 site.

I've set the php version to 5.6 for the site in homestead.yaml as detailed in the guidance. However when I try to access the site I get a bad gateway 502 error

checking the nginx log file I found this error:

connect() to unix:/var/run/php/php5.6-fpm.sock failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream

Checking that directory none of the php5.6-fpm files are there.

How do I install these to the homestead machine?


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