11 months ago

Home Server 101

Posted 11 months ago by rino13x

Hi all, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for a noob's guide to getting up and running with building/configuring a home server.

I've been building computers for quite a long time but this would be my first attempt at getting a home server running. I just finished building a new desktop and would like to re-purpose the old parts to a home server for my wife and I. The hardware is an i7-4770k, 32 GB RAM, 250 GB OS SSD drive and I plan on putting four 3 TB disks in a RAID10 config for data hosting. Still haven't decided on using Ubuntu or Fedora for the OS.https://www.spanish55.com/blog/spanish-lessons-for-beginners-the-best-way-to-learn-spanish

My main goal behind this is mainly to act as a file server for my family's photos, videos, etc and to add in capability as a backup host. As I've began looking into this however, I'm seeing other capability that I find useful as well. I do a lot of home hobby 3D print designs so I was thinking about hosting a PDM server for my desktop, laptop and 3D printer to manage data through. Running some LAN party type game servers occasionally would be nice. Having a central location for our financial documents would be great too and that also has me looking into the security and network management features in a lot of detail.

I don't have a clear idea yet on exactly how I want to tackle the project but complicating that is that I don't really know what the different building blocks look like yet and was hoping to see a 1000 foot level view of a road map or something to get me started on reading. Can some one send me the right direction?


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