3 years ago

Forbidden acces (403)

Posted 3 years ago by Tirke

This one is getting on my nerve.

Laravel 5.3 project on hosting without ssh access. Host is set to look in ./public folder as web root. Site works fine.

I have a part of the site dealing with upload. There is a file preview thing where you can see the image. Uploading is working, i can see the files being saved in the storage folder. Preview doesn't want to work. It wasn't really fun to make the symlink between public/storage and storage/app/public. I needed to call Artisan from the code (remember no SSH). Nevertheless, i succeeded but the next problem is blowing my mind. Permissions are set to 777 on storage and all subfolders. Still everytime I want to acces something in storage folder : 403 (Forbidden).

Am I doomed ? Is there a solution ?

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