3 years ago

Error 500 when uploading Laravel project to server,

Posted 3 years ago by LordRaiders

When I upload my Laravel project to my server I get a 500 error (internal server error). I've installed it this way:

  • Change the database connection from local to the servers database
  • Export the local database to the server
  • Copy paste the project to /public_html

On Localhost everything works fine and even a clean install of Laravel doesn't work. In DirectAdmin I can install Laravel with the "Installtron installer" but that is a new project in Laravel 5.1.11 instead of my own project made in Laravel 5.3 .

I have no error logs when I go to the server logs or in my /storage/logs folder.

Is there something I do wrong when I install my project to the server?

I hope someone knows a solution. Thanks!

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