Deploys via Envoyer Fail and point to an Old Release (at least partially)

Posted 1 year ago by nate.a.johnson

I'm having a weird issue. My setup is on Linode via Forge and hot deployed with Envoyer -- so a complete Taylor-made stack.

Sometimes I deploy and the current symlink gets moved to the latest release as it should, but I refresh the page and my CSS and JS that gets compiled via Mix has the wrong hashes in the file names. They are from a previous release.

I've tried running all of the artisan clear commands and none of them help. I restart nginx with zero luck. I can even delete the current synlink and the site keeps on working, so that is concerning. The only thing I have found so far to fix it is to reboot the entire Linode and that is definitely not ideal. So it looks like something is getting stuck in memory somewhere, but I don't know where.

Anyone ever see anything like this?


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