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Posted 2 years ago by ohffs

I currently deploy code using a set of old hacked up bash scripts. So it works for the most part, but it's so spidery I'm not entirely sure why it works any more ;-) And it's not the most fun thing to debug.

Anyway - I've been toying a bit with deployer and considering envoy as a possibility too. Mostly I'm deploying to non-internet facing machines so SaaS services are no use (and a lot of the code is under NDA or other legal restrictions so it would be a hassle even if I could). I'd rather avoid Jenkins as I used it a while back and loathed it - possibly just my java-phobia though ;-)

Most of the apps are PHP, some are laravel some not, but there's also Python, Go, Node in the mix. I only really need to worry about Linux as a host as we don't have much in the way of windows web servers.

Just wondering if folk have any experience of 'proper' deployment tools that work 'behind the firewall'?

Oh - and I use gitlab for github-like stuff, so web-hooks etc are all available.

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