4 months ago

Deploy Laraval App on Google Cloud Platform - Questions

Posted 4 months ago by mviniciusbarreto

Hi all,

I am new here and new to Laravel, sorry if I am posting in the wrong place or if I should ask it in another place. I have a Laravel application I want to deploy on Google Cloud Platform - App Engine. However I want a setup with a landing page and the laravel app in a different directory, so I can have something like poiting for my landing page and poiting to my Laravel app. How is the best approach to make it:

1 - Two Laravel apps one for the landing page and one for the dashboard application in a subdirectory? 2 - A simple static html landing in the main directory and the laravel dashboard appication in a subdirectory? 3 - Two separeted google cloud platform projects, one for the landing page and the other for the dashboard app?

I have no idea how is the best and professional method of doing it here. I really appreciate some opinions here.

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