11 months ago

cPanel VPS or RunCloud + Vultr + cPanel shared hosting

Posted 11 months ago by flashman

Hi, I have a problem, I cannot decide what to use.

I develop apps in Laravel, and sell them on CodeCanyon. I also have some scripts running (not in Laravel) for application uploads, customer support and so on.

I need to host demo versions of my applications.

I alsk need to host email.

Now, is it better to use:

  1. cPanel VPS
  • I can install Composer
  • I have root and ssh access
  • I can install supervisord (still dont know how)
  • friendly panel to manage server
  • host non Laravel apps
  • DNS editor and all other features that come with cPanel and VPS

Is cPanel VPS good for Laravel hosting?

  1. RunCloud + Vultr + cpanel Shared Hosting
  • I have RunCloud and can have git push to deploy
  • panel optimised, does not use much RAM as cPanel
  • easier to work with Laravel applications
  • only services I need in panel
  • another shared cPanel account to host email and non Laravel apps

So what is better, all on one place using VPS or separated but with better user experience using RunCloud + VULTR

Price is equal ~20$. Lowest packages, until more resources needed.

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