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Posted 3 years ago by JoeDawson

Hello all,

Been working on this problem all day - any help would be greatly appreciate.

We (work) currently have an application that processes forms. To decrease response times from the application, we isolated a lot of the handling of these forms into queued events.

For example, when a new form is received - it will fire an event named UserSubmittedAnEntry which has just one listener named EmailUserEntry.

This listener will simply create a PDF and send an email to the user who submitted it.

public function handle(UserSubmittedAnEntry $event)
        $entry = Entry::findOrFail($event->entry_id);

        $attachment = $entry->createPDF();

            'Successfully received entry #' . $entry->id,
            ['entry' => $entry],

As I said, this event listener is pushed to the queue - we're using Beanstalkd in this case. **This works perfectly locally and on our staging server. **

Now, when we pushed this to production we quickly found out that queues just aren't working. There is most definitely a daemon worker running for the production site, we use Forge for all of this - and it's the same as what we use for the staging site.

We then set up a test command to just log the time to a text file we could access to ensure queues were working. But again, on production - nothing works at all regarding queues.

  • We've tried restarting the server
  • Restarting the worker
  • Deleting the worker and adding a new one
  • Ensured beanstalkd is running
  • Restarted beanstalkd on the server
  • Emptied all jobs from the queue in beanstalkd just in case it was clogged up
  • We even deleted the live site and set it up again!

At this moment in time, there is one single difference between the (working) staging site and the production site:

The production site has an SSL certificate.

Could this be the issue?

I'm sorry to have ranted on, but I wanted to provide as much information as possible to see if we could get the most accurate answer.

Hope you can help!

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