1 week ago

After FTP to server, still reference to local path

Posted 1 week ago by MichielKootker


  • I've changed in .env APP_URL with the server name and the database information with the server credentials on the server.
  • Uploaded everything with FTP on a shared host.
  • Imported the database from my local database.

When I start the website on the server I get the following error.

ErrorException (E_WARNING) file_put_contents(C:\wamp64\www\ websitename\storage\framework/sessions/bTi9jq7S5IRtFWY0pK4jLQ8lbjWvtliWDXfDsisQ): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

On the server two maps are created C:\wamp64\www\websitename\storage\debugbar and C:\wamp64\www\websitename\storage\debugbar. And there are *.json and *.log files created in them.

I've searched all code, but I can not find any reference to c:\wamp64\www.

Is there something else that I need to change in .env or elsewhere?

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