7 months ago

504 Gateway Time-out error

Posted 7 months ago by arthurvillar

I have a ScienceNews Laravel app deployed on DigitalOcean using Nginx. I am using the most basic droplet:

  • 1 GB / 1 CPU
  • 25 GB SSD disk
  • 1000 GB transfer

It is called

I have other projects using the same exact configurations (also on DigitalOcean) but this is the only one that started to show the 504 Time-out error recently. The website has been dragging quite a bit as well, and at times blows up and shows this error.

The database has about 300 articles, 400 authors and 5k subscribers.

It has an average of about 1200 visitors per month, according to Google Analytics.

Would the database be causing this? Or is it the server that is too basic?

The same backend also has an API that serves an iOS app, but the app never crashes or experiences delays. This happens only on the website.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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