4 years ago

403 forbidden on one specific route

Posted 4 years ago by chuckc


Suddenly, I got a "403 Forbidden" on one specific route:

Route::get('/offers', 'OffersController@index');

When I try to change /offers to /foobar, it works perfectly.

I didn't change anything in my routes or in my index() function since it was working. I have other routes for '/offers/*, and they work perfectly:

Route::get('/offers/create', 'OffersController@create');
Route::get('/offers/{id}', 'OffersController@show');
Route::post('/offers', 'OffersController@store');
Route::post('offers/{id}/photos', 'OffersController@addPhoto');

I'm using homestead of course.

Anyone has any ideas from where it could come from ? Or at least, how can I debug this ? Is there logs for nginx or something where I could find more information about that 403 error ?


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