1 month ago

Want to upload maximum 20mb zip file.

Posted 1 month ago by tehseen

I want to upload 20mb max file (type zip) i write the following validation

$this->validate($request, [
	'product_zip' => 'required|mimes:zip|size:50000',

i also have zip file which is

+files: FileBag {#47 ▼
#parameters: array:1 [▼
      "product_zip" => UploadedFile {#32 ▼
        -test: false
        -originalName: "stock-icon-bulb.zip"
        -mimeType: "application/x-zip-compressed"
        -size: 16285787
        -error: 0
        path: "C:\xampp\tmp"
        filename: "php8FAF.tmp"
        basename: "php8FAF.tmp"
        pathname: "C:\xampp\tmp\php8FAF.tmp"
        extension: "tmp"
        realPath: "C:\xampp\tmp\php8FAF.tmp"
        aTime: 2020-09-07 10:05:50
        mTime: 2020-09-07 10:05:50
        cTime: 2020-09-07 10:05:50
        inode: 0
        size: 16285787
        perms: 0100666
        owner: 0
        group: 0
        type: "file"
        writable: true
        readable: true
        executable: false
        file: true
        dir: false
        link: false
        linkTarget: "C:\xampp\tmp\php8FAF.tmp"

but it throw me validation error, what was wrong please advice.

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