4 months ago

Vue CLI 3 Section in `Laravel, Vue and SPAs`

Posted 4 months ago by zyxxyzyxz

So something I don't think has been covered on Laracasts yet is a Vue CLI 3 workflow with Laravel integration. In fact, in general this seems to not have much coverage on it anywhere.

The creator of Vue, Evan You, gave an example of how this could be accomplished at his Laracon talk last year. https://github.com/yyx990803/laravel-vue-cli-3

However, I generally prefer to understand things thoroughly and at his talk, he really just gave a pretty brief overview of how this worked.

Was wondering if a workflow like this could ever be a possibility, since it stems off from the usual SSR that's mostly covered here on Laracasts.

I feel even at a minimum, this would be a great topic to cover under the Laravel, Vue and SPAs course since the Vue CLI 3 SPA workflow gives a lot more flexibility and advanced functionality in comparison to the normal VueJS workflow, so it seems only right to include this in a course regarding SPAs and Vue. :)

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