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Url previous - moving between more pages

Posted 2 years ago by DarkHarden


I am a newbie here and I don't know how to set up moving between URL's right. Let's assume this example


1. problem

Main page /orders has got a table with filter form in $_GET. You can go to detail of order from there /orders/edit/1.

Now you can use this for going back to orders:

<a href="{{ url()->previous() }}" class="btn btn-default">Back</a>

But, when form on edit site has errors, this href link returns me on same site /orders/edit/1

2. problem

Now, let's assume that we go from /orders?name=order_name to /orders/edit/1 and then we need to add note /orders/addNote/1 and go back to /orders?name=order_name. This will work only for last step (addNote -> edit) and then context is lost.

Is there any way how to do this right?

Thank you for any help

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