Reporting (and DB design)

Posted 9 months ago by ohffs

Hi Jeffrey,

I was watching your first Office Hours stream and you mentioned doing a series about database design.

It's something that I have to deal with a lot in regards to reporting - which I don't think gets very much coverage, possibly because it's seen as a bit, you know, boring ;-) There's very little SRP, hexagonal architecture, web-scale about it I guess to get the twitter & reddit hordes fired up ;-)

But it's what takes up a huge amount of time and delivers a whole lot of business value. So I was just wondering if you would be able to tie in DB design with reporting logic - indexes, joins, raw queries vs. eloquent, queued/scheduled jobs vs. live, exporting to Excel/pdf - all the humdrum stuff that we have to deal with rather than doing the WebGL spinning raytraced Zelda-in-a-browser that we'd all like to do ;-)

Anyway - just a thought :-)


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