2 years ago

Laravel 5.3 and Spark API, routes not returning JSON

Posted 2 years ago by roemer

Hi, I'm using Spark and Laravel 5.3.19 to setup a JSON API. I can see that Spark does it like so:


$router->get('/settings/api/tokens', 'Settings\API\[email protected]');


    public function all(Request $request)
        return $this->tokens->all($request->user());

And repo:

    public function all($user)
        return $user->tokens()
                    ->where('transient', false)
                    ->orderBy('created_at', 'desc')

I like to do it similarly, where I can just do return $myRepo->all(); and it returns JSON to the client. I've had no problem setting up the repository and controller but now when I go to the route I've configured, it just redirects me back to my homepage without any errors or anything. My application does recognise the route because I don't get a NotFoundHttpException. I've placed my route in routes/api.php and tried it inside and outside of the 'middleware' => 'auth:api' block.

What confuses me is that the Spark route does not seem to have any further configuration that tells it to spit out JSON. Can anyone explain this to me?

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