4 years ago

Facebook's Relay and GraphQL are going to be HUGE!

Posted 4 years ago by RichardForrester

I know that I lot of people here don't really care about front-end stuff, but GraphQL has to be implemented server-side and is necessary to use Relay. Relay of course is Facebook's new data-fetching framework that works with React to solve so many of the problems associated with multiple ajax calls on the same page.

In my opinion, we need an update to the React.js series walking through how to get Laravel set up to speak GraphQL. It's actually not super difficult, but it took me the better part of day to also get it hooked into the front end and working. I feel like a video on this could have saved me a lot of time.

I know Relay is a new framework and Laracasts has been putting out a lot of content lately, but I would hope that we would get something on this sooner as it's directly on point with what this site is about.


Laravel GraphQL:

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