1 month ago

Camelcase HTTP parameters to snake_case Model properties converter

Posted 1 month ago by Duvy

In the Database columns and in the Model properties the default naming convention is snake_case, but if my frontend by default uses camelCase formatting sending HTTP Requests, is there any converter, or mapping possibility, I could do without manually doing it so for every request?

Example code:

In the Controller I use FormValidator validation with the name "RegisterUserValidator"

public function register(RegisterUserValidator $request)

The first inconvinience, that I need to specify for the "unique" what to check in the FormValidator class:

class RegisterUserValidator extends FormRequest

  public function rules()
    return [
      'nickName' => 'required|unique:users,nick_name',

After the validation I can replace the naming convention, I wasn't sure where this belongs to (Controller vs Service), but I placed it in the logic layer, so the "userService" looks like this:

public function create(Request $request)
    $attributes = $request->all();
    $attributes['nick_name'] = $attributes['nickName'];

/* End in the Repository layer I use Eloquent create() */

For the responses I use JsonResource, so only the incoming requests need some kind of magic.

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