Avoiding laravel from redirecting user after login

Posted 2 years ago by anonymox

I'm trying to show "logged in" message after user logged in to my application, actually when user attempt to login for the first time I will give him/her a jwt token and I want to check if the user is logged in if user attempt to login more than once.

This is the part I have problem :

            return ($this->loginCounter > 0) ? response()->json('Logged in', 200) : ($this->CreateToken($request));

But when attemptLogin is called which will run below code it will redirect user if user is logged in :

 protected function attemptLogin(Request $request)
        return $this->guard()->attempt(
            $this->credentials($request), $request->has('remember')

IS there any way to override this ? and return "you are logged in" in response instead of redirecting to a view ?

FYI : I have customized laravel auth scafold , but this part is still making problem for me. I'm using laravel 5.3

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