cookie_good cookie_good

how to make .env variable accept multiple scopes

So I looked for an example of this and I couldn't find it on the Web. Basically, I have the following .env variable: API_SCOPES= i have th...
david2000 david2000

Adapt my method store () for update ()

Here is my method store(). there is a check on the ceiling not to be reached. For information, the code is correct for the method show(). public funct...
bigweld86 bigweld86

Laravel 6 Custom validation error 'class does not exist' when overriding FormRequest's failedValidation method

I created a custom validation class located in app\Http\Requests: <?php namespace App\Http\Requests; use App\Http\Requests\BaseFormRequest;...
slowkow slowkow

Proxy requests to another app on localhost

Problem Summary My server runs 2 independent apps: Laravel for user registration and authentication. This is exposed to the public....
david2000 david2000

Form for the hours

I have 2 fields which are beginHour and endHour in format dateTime. $table->dateTime('beginHour'); $table->dateTime('endHour...
7ibbe77s 7ibbe77s

I'm new to PHP and would like some help understanding multidimensional arrays and loops.

I'm new to PHP and would like some help understanding multidimensional arrays and loops....

Discussion flags

Hey @JeffreyWay, I know this might be a lot to ask, but is there a possibility to allow users with a lot of XP here like...
paul-a-byford paul-a-byford

Rule::exists Validation of Array

Hey Everyone, I have a requirement to validate a request attribute array contains values that exist in a database table. The submitted array is an array of objects, i can u...
david2000 david2000

eloquant date & hours

I am stuck about a problem concerning the hours en laravel. In my form Training, I have several recordings....
kevinflorenzdaus kevinflorenzdaus

PHP Data Structure and Algorithm

Video Tutorial Request : Data Structure and Algorithm using PHP . I haven't seen many tutorials regarding this subject....

Email validation required why?

I have this on my ContactRequest object. But when I save the form the it always forces the email to be required. I thought this should just validate the format of the email...

Request parameter not updated when stored.

When this executes the job is stored without a job number but the $request contains the correct value for 'number_full'. What have I done wrong? public f...
joveice joveice

Custom value in custom requests + Model::create

So I have not used Model::create(); a lot, I have used to use the new Model(); but it takes a lot of code and if I can just do it in Model::...
david2000 david2000

Verifications payment & training

When I add a payment for a student in my form payment the student can have 2 trainings (so, 1 pay...
cristimocean cristimocean

Intermediate PHP

Is there a consistent intermediate PHP Course on laracasts ? Will there be any time soon ? I am on a short deadline to be productive with Laravel and PHP in 1-2 mon...

Laracasts GraphQL series

Does anybody know if Jeffrey is planing to release GraphQL series for Laravel? I think many devs are lack of this....

How does Laracasts implement gamification?

Hey Jeffrey, really grateful to have Laracasts as a resource; I learn something new almost everyday! We are in the process of integrating with a LMS provider, but I am inte...
shez1983 shez1983

Local & Staging server behaving differently?

I have docker environment so both local/staging are the same versions. I have an account Settings page where you have blank password fields (one for old, one for new...
midwestdev midwestdev

Tutorial for 6.0 that doesn't require laravel/ui for creating Auth

I don't much care for using VUEJS. Just personal preference, since Laravel as removed make:auth I was wondering if anyone knows of a tutorial that allows to build the aut...
spacedog4 spacedog4

Where is that lesson that teachs how to use laravel roles and permissions in Vue

I saw once and can't find it again, fi someone has the link, please send me...
david2000 david2000

I always have the same student which appears after each recording

When I add a recording, I always have the same student which appears ??? I think the problem is p...
vickykedu vickykedu

Any Forum like series without testing

I wonder any series like forum without testing will come. I am asking this as a beginner if we create some hard app. Then if we check the app developement with testing will...
nycofox nycofox

Case insensitive Unique Validation?

I'm allowing users to change their username, and the validation checks to see if the new username is unique (or the same as their old one). However, it seems to be c...
david2000 david2000

request controller on 2 tables

I have a table students with the fields (id, name) and a table named payments with 6 fields (id, date_payment, number_seance, p...

Help for Request!!

good afternoon... I have a question, i am program in php and ajax with the framework laravel, everything is working fine, but today i realized the if the user click in the...
tobyreed tobyreed

"$this->artisan('db:seed');" not seeding properly!

Hello everyone, I am starting to use Laravels HTTP requests to test our back end API. However, I am running into an issue that I understand but am unable to fix....
hirohamada hirohamada

How to Integrate Alfresco in Laravel?

Anyone help me please......How to integrate Rest API Alfresco (Login, Upload, Download, etc) with Laravel?? Thanks...
allantatter allantatter

React.js with Laravel

I would really like to start developing Laravel application with React.js but there are questions, how React should be actually integrated with Laravel? For example how to...
brunokaue brunokaue

Help - Configure lib

Hello, I'm trying to use
the1supreme the1supreme

homestead Nginx not serving webpage

Hi, I have a completely fresh install of : a)Homestead(laravel/homestead (virtualbox, 0.2.2) b)Vagrant (v 1.7.2) c) VirtualBox (v 4.3.2) b) My host OS is Mavericks...
markuskoehler markuskoehler

Guzzle Proxy Issue

Hi all, I have strange issues with Guzzle... It seems to have baked our company proxy somewhere and I cannot get rid of it, so not able to make any request if outsid...
Steve_Guardiani Steve_Guardiani

Authenticating incoming http webhooks from Postmark

Using Laravel 5.8 I'm trying to get notifications from postmark when "outbound" emails are delivered. I'm using...
afoysal afoysal

HTTP Request Manipulation

How can I remove $request['password'] from $request->all() ? Thanks...
vrkansagara vrkansagara

How to get Socialite Dynamic driver name ?

I want driver name from request payload. like github, twitter or facebook, etc. The current problem is that I have to explicitly provide a driver name. publ...
SarahS74 SarahS74

In-depth pivot table tutorials

I'm really struggling to do something that seems simple in PHP but I can't do in Laravel. It involves pivot tables and I can't find any useful documentation or tutorials t...
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