whoisthisstud whoisthisstud

Stupid Ajax POST not allowed issue.. ARGH!

Ok. I'm about to lose my mind. I'm sure I'm missing something simple and just can't see the forest from the trees, but I'm getting the following error when I atte...
krishna8723 krishna8723

How to use proxy for the asynchronous request from the browser?

Hi, I am having issue accessing particular api from my location and working on it from the browser. please help. Thank You....

Camelcase HTTP parameters to snake_case Model properties converter

In the Database columns and in the Model properties the default naming convention is snake_case, but if my frontend by default uses camelCase formatting sending HTTP Reques...
afrasiyabhaider afrasiyabhaider

How to check same set of permissions assigned to another role?

I am using spatie permission package and I want to make sure that two roles with different names must not have same permissions while creating a role e.g...
hanzanati hanzanati

Open Source CRM to Consume Laravel API

We are looking for an extendible CRM package that can consume a Laravel API. This CRM package can be Laravel based, or not, but most importantly we want it to consume the L...
tassianoalencar tassianoalencar


Any coupons for the annual plan?...
abkrim abkrim

Complete Nova Serie with minimal chapter about how to test with Nova

Hi. I think it would be very good for the community, one more chapter of Nova, in which the issue of testing with Nova will be addressed, which does not have much do...
KarolGil KarolGil

Laravel Passport - aouth - check when token expires

I use https://laravel.com/docs/6.x/passport How can I check if the toki...
AyobamilayeY AyobamilayeY

Laravel valet host issue

The question title says it all. Things that I tried: Uninstalled laravel/valet composer package globally and reinstalled it. Reinstalled valet. No luck....
punctuationmarks punctuationmarks

Keep video speed

hey @JeffreyWay, any way we can get the video speed to be remembered from the previous video? Or is it somewhere already and I'm missing it? Also...
nspaul nspaul

Chronological List of Laracasts Videos

Is there a simple chronological listing of Laracasts videos on the site anywhere? I noticed that in the answer to the third FAQ question, there is a link to a supposed chro...
soosap soosap

Turning my Laravel app into a GraphQL endpoint

Hi Jeff, it would be awesome if you can help us with a series on how to turn a Laravel app into a GraphQL endpoint. I am sure a lot of people out there are intereste...
ganesupuli1234 ganesupuli1234


validation concept...
BobbyAxe61 BobbyAxe61

Get Session Start Time And User Inactivity Period

How would i get when a session was started for a particular user and also get how long since the user was last active (since user last loaded a page on the site) for larave...
p30light p30light

How To Use groupBy in whereHas laravel

i am using Metable in my project for creating meta for orders but i have one problem i want group orders that have same email this is metable table image :...
vlauciani94 vlauciani94

Laravel logical issue

Imagine I have 2 controllers, UserController and PostController, however, I want to use a function which has a general use and doesn't thematically belong to any of those c...
mohammadbasir mohammadbasir

Laravel additional prefix in language

Quick question that is already killing me for days. With Laravel I am trying to use different languages. English and Japanese This works in the route like thi...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

guzzle post request returns 419 unknown status

Hello, I try to run passport '/oauth/clients' method to create new passport's client with guzzle and got 419 unknown status error I do : $app_roo...
Vishnu Vishnu


Is there an easy way of displaying breadcrumbs in Laravel? Would be great if there was a quick short lesson for that one. Or if I have missed it can someone please kindly p...
anjan12pandey anjan12pandey

Laravel Cashier

Hi, Jeffery I request you to kindly make new videos on Laravel Cashier. As new version of stripe are much more different than older one which you had discussed in older vid...
giacholari giacholari

Stripe Checkout

Has Stripe changed the way you integrate the Checkout feature on a site since the last video @JeffreyWay posted?...
DreadfulCthulhu DreadfulCthulhu

Pass extra variable to a blade when FormRequest validator fails

Hi, I have a form validator made by FormRequest with rules(), messages() and attribute() set. This validator is working fine, but I need when it fail to pass extra variable...
Dalivan Dalivan

store answer

Please help to fix it. Store function successfully loop for the answer but why question_id cannot loop. question_id only store last question_id public functi...
teos_97 teos_97

Codestar AWS

Hello everyone, Firstly I would like to apologise for possibly posting this thread on the wrong channel. Secondly, a small introduction about myself, I am last year student...
IslamMagdy IslamMagdy

valet run problem

I have an error when trying to run valet install command I got that error /usr/bin/env: ‘bash’: Not a directory my OS is fedora kde 31 .composer/vendor/bin is on my pat...
ohffs ohffs

Episode/Series Request: Migrating legacy code to Laravel

I admit this is quite a selfish request as I'm working through this process just now**. But it occurred to me that there are quite a few projects out there sitting in a PH...
GemelGomes GemelGomes

mesure time of search in Laravel!!

Hello Guys I have a search in Laravel that is very big and join many tables , it bring me back a json response as result . I wold like to know if in Laravel , there is an w...
whoisthisstud whoisthisstud

Unique Validation during update failing

I am attempting to use the same request validation for updating as I use for creating a record, but I continue to get an error when updating that the unique field isn't uni...
PetroGromovo PetroGromovo

How to replace data in middleware on data submitting

Hello, In Laravel 5.8 app submitting form with the data I need to clear data, like doubled spaces, so I created middleware with clearing code : app/Http/Midd...
rmobayen rmobayen

Request $request vs. request()

Hi, everyone there are two approaches to access the requested values is there anything that makes either of them a better approach? what is the difference(s) between...
SteveAzz SteveAzz


Hello, i just wanted to know if there is any toughs about talking about docker and setting it up with laravel, or is it better to stick with vagrant for laravel development...
tommasoKuhn tommasoKuhn

Validation with key variabile

A Request class for validations has this structure: class MyRequest extends FormRequest{ /** * Get the validation rules that apply to the request. * * @r...
bohowe bohowe

uppercase lowercase login

I am allowing users to register and then login using username / password. If I login user with uppercase and lowercase username it always login. At register it seems I can...
yenoyi7740 yenoyi7740

Performance Monitoring Laravel App

What is best application performance monitoring tool for Laravel?...
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