jarminkhan jarminkhan

How to use old() function with radio button!!!!

I have arrays of radio named "radio[]" with 5 options to choose from. I need to retain the inputed data when validation fails. How do we use old() function with r...
AndySong AndySong

Add a dark theme to Laracasts?

Add a dark theme to Laracasts?...
Azoruk Azoruk

Image crawling/scraping with Laravel?

Just to preface, I have never used a crawler or scraper before in my life. There's a neat feature on reddit where if you submit a link, it'll crawl the website, find...
KSU_Laracasts KSU_Laracasts

Streamlined Series Watching

If I may be a needy baby, can there be a setting to streamline the series watching workflow? Specifically I: finish the video click the arrow t...
anonymox anonymox

How to get client ip address in register controller in laravel 5.3 with passport enabled

Hi i want to get the client ip address in my laravel project when registering, I've found some solutions that says get the ip using request global function like :...
cryptopia cryptopia

Localization Series

There are lots of bits and pieces floating around the various forums, including this one and Stack Overflow, on handling URLs for multilingual sites. However, localization...
Bvanhaastrecht Bvanhaastrecht

Unable to retrieve request body with POST method

Hello, Just banging my head on something very simple. I'm doing POST request with application/json RAW body data in Postman. I'm unable to get this JSON...
FrancescoZaffaroni FrancescoZaffaroni


Wouldn't it be great if we had a couple of lessons about Docker?...
mark.p.ramos mark.p.ramos

POST request arrives as GET, returns 405: Method Not Allowed

I've defined an endpoint to receive POST requests from SendGrid's Parse API. My issue is that many of these requests return "405: Method Not Allowed" to SendGrid....
shailajareddy shailajareddy

X-editable selct dropdown with checkboxes

X-editable selct dropdown with checkboxes...
mstdmstd mstdmstd

In ajax post request my app blocked by CORS policy error

I encountered CORS policy error in my laravel 5.8 / jquery 3.4.1 app when I need send post request to create google calendar event with api like: public...

Guzzle and HTTP/2 headers

Hello all, As this is my first post i would like to take am moment and thank you all the guys here for the great work. It's been one of the most helpful places for p...
Azoruk Azoruk

Laravel Blade adding domain in front of external URLs

On my website, users can share URLs. These are stored as a text type in my database. These links are displayed like so: <a href...
snapper snapper

Received 405 (Method Not Allowed) on PATCH request via AJAX

I am attempting to use an AJAX call to update user entries via a form using Laravel 5.2. When I submit the form without AJAX, the new entries go into the database like they...
pedroroccon pedroroccon

Problem with unique field validation on update

Hello guys! Thanks for the interest. Well, I have a question. In my application I have a form for populate my products table. Each product may have a unique...

How to create recursive route?

Hello everyone! I need some help with nested routing. So I have nested categories, and I want to create on frontend nested routes something like: /categories...
ajithlal ajithlal

Adding data to database one field doesn't accepting value from Request class

While I'm creating a new entry to my database only one field not accepting value from Request class. $booking = Booking::cr...
ajduff14 ajduff14

How to test succesful POST of an entity when validated column is merged into request

Hi All! I have a unique scenario that allows me to not test on of my Routes. I have a Post with the column author_id which I am trying to include after...
virgiltu virgiltu

Serve CSS and JSS for other folders

Here is how my app works. I am looking to get a bit of ideas on how I would be able to get this done. This script just create site, much like wix but with amp functi...
randyduran randyduran

Stripe, new European regulation

As probably you know... Beginning September 14, 2019, PSD2 regulation will require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments made by European customers....
ahuggins ahuggins

Laracasts "Browse"

I think a new design change was rolled out, which is cool...all for keeping things fresh. But how do I get to a chronological list of episodes/lessons? I use that to see wh...

Post request in browser returns exception

Hello, I want redirect back for users who enter a url for a post. I have the following route: Route:post('postmethod-uri', '[email protected]');...
rbruhn rbruhn

Add watch later to search results

When performing lesson search (upper right corner), it would be nice to have the "watch later" button. As it stands, you have to click to get to the lesson, add i...
felixtach felixtach

problem with datatable

my datatable not found, brower send me this error:ErrorException (E_NOTICE) Undefined variable: request C:\laragon\www\faustinumApp\app\Http\Controllers\PaiementAjaxControl...
Azoruk Azoruk

Alternative to paginate on collection?

On my website, I have Submissions, and submissions can have comments. Comments can have upvotes and downvotes, leading to a total "score" for the comment....
muldev muldev

Laravel 5 Middleware Login with username or email

Hi, I'm having trouble getting a Login page to work with Middleware to accept a username or email with Laravel 5. Any chance on making a lesson about custom A...
historia historia

Print tutorial

Maybe we can have a tutorial for printing i.e invoices just like laracast's invoice print....
nshd09 nshd09

Encrypting model data

I have created trait and using model but still its inserting plain text without any encryption. My Trait:...
pianio pianio

homestead provision deletes custom nginx settings

Hi all, thx for this great project. I'm using Homestead from a while. I have a site with custom rewrite conditions, that i successfully put in my nginx configuration...
harryg harryg

NoSQL in Laravel

I've recently been exploring ways to attach multiple properties to a model in an EAV pa...
talhaatsix talhaatsix

How to design Notification Table for Social Networking Site

I need help to build notification system , im stuck with database design . Posts Like Friend Request Follow User Send Message Comment on post Like Com...

Laracasts GraphQL series

Does anybody know if Jeffrey is planing to release GraphQL series for Laravel? I think many devs are lack of this....

Calendar - Scheduler

Hi Jeff, thanks for the awesome job here on Laracast. It would be nice if you created some kind of series related to creating some kind of Calendar - picker where yo...
rewucivep rewucivep

How to redirect if user is not authenticated?

How to redirect the user to some page when they are not authenticated? They now have access to all routes. Please help...
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