1 year ago

Use ONE form for 2 resources

Posted 1 year ago by lorenzoberti

I'm new on Laravel Nova. I'm trying to build a User form. In this moment I have these models: User, UserDetail

In User I have: email, password, username. In UserDetail I have: Name, Lastname, Gender, Number, etc.

Now I would create ONE form for user. Why I'm focusing on ONE? Because in my User Resource fields I have:

HasOne::make("UserDetail", "details")

But For set user detail I have 2 form: One for User data (username, password, email) And after save the user I can set detail.

So I don't want compile 2 different form for 1 resource.

I have found this package, but seems broke:


And the fields UserDetails doens't shown.

So is there any other way for add text field from relationship and merge in same Form?

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