3 months ago

Translation of BelongsTo in Nova

Posted 3 months ago by abkrim

I use for translations fields in Nova

Text::make(__('Name User'), 'name')

But I don't understand the manual to make the title of the BelongsTo fields translatable

Title Attributes When a BelongsTo field is shown on a resource creation / update screen, a drop-down selection menu or search menu will display the "title" of the resource. For example, a User resource may use the name attribute as its title. Then, when the resource is shown in a BelongsTo selection menu, that attribute will be displayed:

Well... On my code

  'belongsToId' =>  $this->user_id ?? auth()->user()->id

Code on Nova\User

public static $model = 'App\User';

public static $title = 'email';

public static $search = ['id', 'name', 'email'];

public static function availableForNavigation(Request $request)
    return $request->user()->isAdmin();

public static function label()
    return __('Users');

public static function singularLabel()
    return __('User');

When show User resource not problem. Labels translations are done.

But if go to resource Mailbox, field BelongsTo not show translations

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