5 months ago

relatableQuery for two resource fields on same model

Posted 5 months ago by devKore

I have a relationship between work 'days' and projects of different types. So my 'days' record has a reference to my 'projects' table twice because I have two different types of projects called 'Series' and 'Event'.

In my 'days' resource I've created two fields as such:


What I'm trying to do is filter the projects by their types so I've created this:

public static function relatableProjects(NovaRequest $request, $query){
    return $query->where('type', 'Series');

I've tried making relatableSeries and relatableEvents but they don't work. How can I make this connect to the fields correctly without having to create two separate tables for 'series' and 'events'.

The relatableQuery above winds up filtering both resource fields.

Thanks, Nate

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