10 months ago

Fresh Nova Install... missing Resources links

Posted 10 months ago by RPillz

I just started a fresh Laravel 5.8.2 project, with Nova 2.0.

After the install the Nova dashboard is very empty. It is not showing the "Getting Started" page. It has the "Dashboard" link in the sidebar, but there is no "Resources" or "Users" underneath.

The default Nova/User.php resource file does exist, and my understanding is these should be automatically registered. However, even when I try to manually register the resource it makes no change.

Manually typing in the address /nova/resources/users goes to a 404 error.

I've successfully used Nova previously on a project, so I'm not completely new to all this, but I'm feeling stuck as I try to start fresh. Am I missing something? Install tutorials show this stuff just working out of the box!

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