2 years ago

Testing Fractal Transformer in Lumen

Posted 2 years ago by joshgallagher24

This is Lumen specific.

I am currently creating an API with spatie's package fractalistic.

I am building it using TDD, but I am finding it hard to find the best method of testing them.

My first approach was to create a feature test for getting a collection of articles from the index endpoint.



namespace App\Transformers;

use App\Models\Article;

class ArticleTransformer extends Transformer
     * Transform the given article collection into JSON.
     * @param  Article $article
     * @return array
    public function transform(Article $article)
        return [
            'title' => $article->title,
            'slug' => $article->slug,
            'teaser' => $article->teaser,
            'body' => $article->body,
            'created_at' => $article->created_at,
            'updated_at' => $article->updated_at,



namespace Tests\Feature;

use Tests\TestCase;
use App\Models\User;
use App\Models\Article;

class ArticleTest extends TestCase
     * @test
    public function a_collection_of_articles_are_returned_as_json()
        $articles = factory(Article::class, 4)->create();

        $this->json('GET', '/articles')
                'data' => [[

In ArticleTest.php, I use "seeJsonStructure" to test that the structure is correct, I use this because Lumen's "seeJson" requires an array to be passed - fractal returns json wrapped in 'data'. However, I unsure if theres a better approach like testing a Transformer directly?

Anybody have any experience testing transformers?

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