7 months ago

Session in 5.8

Posted 7 months ago by DarrellDD

So I've been using Lumen 5.1 for a long time as micro-framework to build small websites with admin flavoured features. The login system running trough my big laravel setup. Everything is perfect, however.

I want to move to Lumen 5.8 but I know they totally wrecked the session handling from Laravel 5.2 and onwards. I don't want to move over to Laravel itself as it is too big for the small sites, and doesn't use half of the features in it. The performance of Lumen has been perfect on my servers and I never had issues.

I tried getting sessions to work in Lumen 5.8 but I kept getting the famous "Session store not set on request." error. I checked where it started to go wrong and if I could fix it. But once I entered the Laravel framework dungeon I got lost forever. The only thing I noticed that the sessions were nicely set in the StartSession middleware, but were lost in the void after $next($request) has been run.

Does anyone have an idea how to get it working, or at least a hint?

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