4 years ago

[Package] Larasupport - Adds Laravel Package Support in Lumen

Posted 4 years ago by iRazaSyed

Hey there!

So, Long story short. I wanted to use Lumen along with some Laravel Packages. Basically, I didn't want to use full-stack framework for a project where I'm using Lumen for API and Laravel for back-end.

Since Lumen doesn't have Laravel Package Support (It does but only if those packages don't have any publishable assets otherwise it breaks). I wasn't able to use one such package. I did submit PRs and opened issue tickets a few times to get these helpers added to the core of Lumen, but got rejected with a reason to "use Laravel instead", but as already mentioned above my reason to stick with Lumen. Hence, I ended up creating a package for Lumen which lets you use any Laravel package in Lumen. It's mostly some ported methods from core of Laravel and modified to fit the requirements, it does the job well!

Thought I'd share this with y'all if any of you were in such situation.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions and or do send any PRs :)

Any issues, please report here.

Also, Use Laravel if you're starting to use a lot of packages with Lumen. This is good for a small project/service/API.

P.S I think i had seen some others also trying to use some Laravel packages in Lumen but couldn't find the solution. This should help you guys! And these are just some small helpers, so there shouldn't be any performance issues.

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