4 months ago

Fetching Json data from request body

Posted 4 months ago by dmahesh1705

I'm using Lumen 5.7, I've seen different posts on the internet for 'how to fetch JSON data from the request body'. But without using any middleware or no extra lines of codes, I'm able to fetch JSON data as PHP Array in the following ways.

#1 $request->post() // Output as array #2 $request->all() // Output as array #3 $request->input() // Output as array #4 $reqeust->isJson() // Output is true #5 $request->getContent() // Output as Json string

How this is happening without using any middleware to convert JSON data to PHP Array? Is because of anyone of the following reasons?

#1 My webserver, Nginx is doing? #2 Any composer package which I'm using is that doing? #3 Lumen 5.7 have this feature?

I had gone through with files under 'vendor' but nothing is helped me before using I want to know the reason behind this.

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