laravel collect in php

hey guys. is there replace for laravel collect in php? i mean how can i do this in php and without laravel? $persons = collect([ 'name' => 'John'...

check if the user own the file before show it

Hi I trying to make a middleware that shows the file for who only have the privilege to show it I mean that is the user upload file, he only can show the file, if he...

Dusk Click Element in Iframe

Hello, i am trying to automate a process (using dusk) on another site but the last page has an iframe which i need to click a button in. is there any way to do this in dusk...

add more image to a post

Hi laravel family I am developing a small application I block on the party image backup I do not know how to save more image for an article that you could consider me! I ha...

Allow guest users to participate to a presence channel

Hi, How does a guest user participate to a presence channel? I made a status display if users are online but it only works if the viewer is signed in. How do I make...

auth()->user() returns null using passport as authentication

So I am using passport to create access tokens. Now previously I was struggling to create access tokens on a per tenant basis which has now been solved. The next step was t...

Money Exchange Rate

Which method is the best method for money exchange rate??...

Laravel 5.4 mix

I installed a fresh laravel 5.4 application. I followed the documentation on how to set up laravel mix. However, when I run npm run dev i get the following error: 0...

File storage link

I use: php artisan storage:link After that i can access my file in public/storage But when I add file like this: request()->image->store('public/storage/foto')...

How to set up cronjobs in AWS

How to set cronjobs for laravel app effectively without being affected by load balancers in AWS...

GuzzleHttp hang up my laravel app

Hello . When I use GuzzleHttp and send the request, my laravel program is interrupted and I will stop the server and run it again. if use online api or just use localhost w...

Understanding Laravel queue's jobs when failing..

I am using redis and laravel horizen for manging my queues.. this is only for testing queues, to understand how it works. Now, when I dispatch this job, It will be p...

How to access data from Vue/Axios in Laravel Controller

I'm making a SPA with Vue and Laravel as the backend, this is my first such attempt so I beg mercy. The problem: I can't figure out how to access data sent from a fo...

Passport creates new token on every login

Hi, I have successfully connected a mediawiki to my laravel app via oauth 2 and passport. However I see that under "Authorized Applications" (default vue componen...

multidimensional array from Vue to Laravel

I'm having a bit of brain freeze and can't figure out how to get the data from these two forms from VueJS to save with Laravel....

Laravel Mix, Upload files to S3

Hello, I would like to upload my assets file to my S3 Bucket after running "npm run production". How can I do that? I tried installing npm package l...

Pros and Cons of Laravel Dusk vs.

I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on the pros/cons of using Laravel Dusk, vs. using a service like...

Call to a member function except() on array

So, I have used Form Request validation as Laravel served. I want to ignore one field that unnecessary, But when I use except method, it throws me an exception...

Passport fails to create the Personal Access Token

Just looking for a little guidance. Our Sys-Admin here played around with some servers and made a small mistake during some server migration. I'm not entirely sure what he...

Is Laravel scalable?

I know all of my project is just a one in a life time project that will never get scale. But out of curiosity, is it scalable? Get into argument with some JS warrior and sp...
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