My site is gone blank after cache clear kindly help me here

my site either gives 161 error or goes blank . when my route file has any thing like Route::get('index.php/flush', function(){ Artisa...

Laravel 5.2 Multi-Auth with API guard

Hi all. I'm trying to get a multi auth system working where Users can log in via the normal web portal, but a separate database of entities called...

unique Validation when update (without given id data)

I make a function for data validation, its not work when i update data. This is my data Validation function. public function dataVal...

Restrict file download from storage directory

Hey i'am saving my videos in the storage directory and i want to display them but disallow users viewing video from downloading it any suggestions...

Auto increment integer

i'm trying to make integer as auto increment and want to start in 100, but error keep coming up.. SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or a...

Delay between processes in Job Queue

Hi, I'm working on a project that use the OpenWeather API. On OpenWeather is possible to obtain an API key for free if there are no more tha...

Architecture for a platform like Shopify

Hi! I'm looking to develop platform like The main issue is about the architecture and the process. I have read the tenants vari...

When APP_DEBUG=false receive Whoops on validation

I developed with APP_DEBUG=true and my validation routines all worked, sending their messages back to the view as expected. I moved to production e...

Read datetimes from another applications DB in UTC and display in Users local time zone

Hi all, How would I best tackle this problem? At the moment I just need to read the date time fields and display for the user in their local...

Where to submit this PR

Where do the auth scaffolding files live? as in the the file that actually creates the scaffolding when you do php artisan make:auth?...

Difference Between Cache and Redis Facade When Using AWS ElastiCache

I am using ElastiCache Redis and I am getting weird results. If I use Cache::get('my-key') I get null returned. If I use Redis::get('my-key'...

How to change app domain into to the test?

I have used app domain on my laravel projects till today, but today mozilla starts open app domains with `https.. So I edited my

Making subqueries on eloquent LARAVEL 5.2.29

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Large scale laravel app structure ambiguity

Hi all, I'm trying to create a new app using laravel (5.6) as a framework and i'm having some trouble figuring out the structure should be....

How can i delete users by chosing them with checkboxes

Here is how the table looks like:

Creating a function that is executed for ever Laravel

Hello, this is my first time working with Laravel and am using it as a rest api service for a mobile app, my question is : how can i add a function...

Form update with relationship laravel

when i try to update my startup model with a belongsto relationship to adress i get an error that the adresses fields cannot be null, while i fill...

What is the best way to multiple handle image upload in Laravel

Please don't recommend This Article What is the best to handle imag...

Exception thrown with message "DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string

Hi everybody, I'm running through the great series Laravel 5.4 from scratch. I run a server on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian and followe...

artisan down, change view

Hello, How do I change the view that gets rendered when using the artisan down command? I would like to keep my error pages as is, and add a...