niseku niseku

ErrorException: Undefined property: Illuminate\Foundation\Bus\PendingDispatch::$connection

One of my Jobs fails with the following Exception / Stacktrace and i have no idea why... Do you have an idea why this is happening? Erro...
VoidMrVoid VoidMrVoid

Use of undefined constant PASSWORD_ARGON2ID - assumed 'PASSWORD_ARGON2ID'

Installed PHP 7.3 and changed the hashing method in hashing.php config file. But when I register, I get this error: ErrorException (E_WARNING) Use of undefined...
PhoeniX5 PhoeniX5

404 Not Found The resource requested could not be found on this server!

I need to host my Laravel app in the internet so far the only working url is the first one without the controller if I try to access views from controller i get :...
tehuster tehuster

Filter on value from other relation

I've got these tables: users games events And these relations game_user event_user Users are able to "l...
oliverbusk oliverbusk

Validate incoming e-mail attachment by filetype

I am currently trying to validate incoming emails into my application and save the emails attachments to my database. However, I want to control which atta...
nickdavies07 nickdavies07

Passing Data to Broadcasted Event Authorization Callback

I've just started looking at event broadcasting using Laravel Echo, Laravel Websockets and Vue. I'd like to create a new alert popup which shows when a new asset is created...
Qworkz Qworkz

I need to integrate and use Infusionsoft with my Laravel application

We have an application where various types of users can register in our application to use our services. We need to send registration details (like First Name, Last Name, E...
Nikki Nikki

Can't unserialize my address

I serialized my address so that I could have it saved to a table in one go, but now when I try to unserialize it I get this error unserialize(): Error at off...
franzag franzag

It's possible to pass an extra parameter to the create view?

It's possible to pass an extra parameter to the create view? to show diferentes fields accordingly to the parameter passed?...

How to delete an image in edit page of frontend in laravel

I want to add a delete button to every single image in edit page of frontend in laravel. I will be grateful if help me about it....
Dronax Dronax

Disable email notification globally for user laravel

I have a setting: setting('enable.userEmailNotifications', true); How I can disable email notifications for user if: setting(...
pooja1993 pooja1993

Logged in with session after payment in android app need to redirect to succesfull view. but its asking again login.

Hi I logged in to my mobile application using email and password. after payment its redirecting to website using https. and again asking for login. session is holdin...

Using blade view with @include in laravel-dompdf

Hi guys, I got a quick question, I am trying to create a pdf from a view and in the view I use the @include tag to include partials. But for...
Robencom Robencom

could not find driver (mysql)

Hello, when I call "php artisan migrate:status" (or just migrate) I get a could not find driver error. php_pdo_mysql is installed and is working fine. I am...
BryanWesley BryanWesley

Install gmp extension for homestead php70

Hi guys! Does anyone know how to install the ext-gmp to homestead runing on php70 ? Thank you everyone ! ;)...
hemant19 hemant19

I want to make a site that streams movies just like laracast stream video tutorials?

I just want to know the resources or packages Jeffrey is using to handle the site like laracast?...
PhoeniX5 PhoeniX5

Namespace declaration statement has to be the very first statement or after any declare call in the script

I need to host my Laravel app in internet when running it in local server it works without issues but in the internet server it keeps saying : Namespace decl...
anuragpetkar anuragpetkar


I want to add extra variable in below json as "status":False { "message": "The given data was invalid.", "errors": { "RCRC_ADMI...
ThomasJ ThomasJ

Socialite Facebook, user's email is always null

Hi everyone, First, I hope you'll understand everything because i'm French. I use Laravel since weeks now, and i'm trying to use Socialite. I've followed Documentation, and...
meijdenmedia meijdenmedia

Cache routes with domain group

Dear Laracasts community, I'm working on a big Laravel project which runs on multiple domains (,,, As you can guess our site...
eriktobben eriktobben

Simple search

Hi, I am wondering if this query will scope the search result on company_id and not show addresses for a different company? if ($search) { $addres...
MoeSaid MoeSaid

There is no existing directory at ".../storage/logs" and its not buildable: Permission denied

whats up guys ! , i do have some weird issue , project works fine on localhost but once i upload it on server its just gives me that err , i have been giving the sto...
sanjayacloud sanjayacloud

Old value not work properly after validation run in radio button

I am developing a questionnaire page with radio button. I have issue with validation. When user submit form some field checked and required field without checked, after the...
anonymouse703 anonymouse703

Data not filtered using whereHas()

Hello guys I want to filter data by branch I implemented JQuery and AJAX but the data doesn't filtered.. Here is my AJAX.. $('#select_br...
skcin7 skcin7

How does the /storage directory permissions keep getting set back to 755?

Hi. I've been using Laravel for a long time and LOVE it. Right now I'm building a simple Laravel app to keep track of my personal expenses. It's awesome! A...
Chitesh Chitesh

using passport authentication for different table

Hello I am developing app with passport in which i have to user different model like client or users.when i am creating token with user it is working fine.but when i try to...

convert from collective

i'm trying to refactor my forms and cannot figure out the equivalent of this syntax. @foreach ($permissions as $permission) {{ Form::checkbox('pe...
mohammadkaab mohammadkaab

Clean My code of \Log::

Hi everyone, I've started working on a project which increased growth in code since the customer requirements always are the most important portion of the whole process. so...
___andrewk___ ___andrewk___

How can i include params on all blades?

im trying to generate a list of css/js files on all blades. I have create an array in config file assets.php <?php return [ 'css' => [ '...
behnampmdg3 behnampmdg3

How much does it cost to hire someone on Snapy or Cronix level?

I am considering someone to clean the code for me, add validations and discuss a few things. 1 - How to know the person is credible and legit? 2 - How much do...

Query through JSON file

Is it possible to query through my JSON file without using a database. When i return my JSON object I am only able to get it in raw. If I try to access an element in my arr...
skcin7 skcin7

How to delete all session data, so that users must re-log in?

Hi everybody, I'm trying to figure out how to require all users to sign in when they visit my app again. Basically, remove the session data that keeps them logged in, so th...
deepu07 deepu07

Passport with Laravel backpack

Hi, in my project I'm using backpack for admin dashboard now for auth I want to install passport on top of backapack. Looking for any code samples/suggestions how the thing...
yassineqoraiche yassineqoraiche

are you using mailables? you must use this package!!

Hello laravels, I want to introduce you to my laravel package that will make your life easier. Main Features: Create mailables without using comm...
clat23 clat23

Session variables not saving / persisting after redirect

Comment.php public function store($data) { $comment = new Comment; $comment->title = $data->title; $comment->body = $dat...
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