403 Forbidden on New Projects

Hi there, I have created two new Laravel projects called "home" and "portal", and done nothing to them. I can view the welcome screen perfectly fine if...
eusapxai eusapxai

laravel looking for other controller

In my controllers i renamed a controller to bck_xzy_controller just to make it as a backup file. now the actual controller is there and route is redirect to xyz_Controller...
BladeRunner BladeRunner

Laravel caching with Redis

I want to cache a query in Laravel. public function index() { if (Redis::exists('products')) { $products = json_decode(Redis::get('products')); } els...
michalis michalis

having trouble looping through array in blade (object was decoded from json)

guys i have a json object in the database, i fetch it in the controller, I json decode it and send it to the view in the view i can access non arrays but not arrays,...
abela abela

DOMPDF Error (vendor\dompdf\dompdf\src\Helpers.php:840) and (dompdf\dompdf\src\Helpers.php:503)

So this is my controller <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use App\Model\Catatan_Mahasiswa; use App\User; use Illuminate\Http\R...
warmwhisky warmwhisky

Why do people like whoops?

What is it with whoops that people like? Here is what I dislike very much about it. Whoops: Invalid argument supplied for foreach... Me: Why won't you tell me...
drissboumlik drissboumlik

ReflectionException - Class ... does not exist

My project (laravel app) was working fine until I Installed the latest version of xampp (php 7.4) then when I login to my app , I get this error ReflectionEx...
mcadle mcadle

Laravel-Websockets, Nginx, Docker, Apache Mesos & more in this stack - 404 error

When we setup laravel-websockets locally in docker, everything worked wonderfully; however, when it all got pushed to prod, problems arose. Consequently, we have to split...
thebigk thebigk

Possible to add extra column to database notifications table?

I need to add a few columns to the default database notifications table created by Laravel. I could do that by running the migration. But it doesn't save the data I pass. M...
ralphmrivera ralphmrivera

Generating an ignition report in Laravel 7 with abort() not working.

Hi, I am forcing an error on a sample page with this code: $x = 5/0; The result is an error page that says ErrorException Divis...
larsonator larsonator

ENV variables

So I'm having some troubles with using env files to store my environment variables in Laravel 7. The trouble mainly ties in to when I'm doing automated tests, and i...
UsmanBasharmal UsmanBasharmal

RPassword manually by answering the security questions - Laravel/auth

I want to implement locally forgot password functionality by answering a few security questions where user can reset his/her password without sending reset links via emails...
mehmetanbaki mehmetanbaki

how to to return user info with his resized image

each user has its images lets say each image 2000X1000 and i want to return user info(name,email, etc..) with resized image200X200 for each user, ihave only the image path...
davy_yg davy_yg

Page Expired

In my localhost, everytime I get an error I get Page Expired message. I also has checked in the storage/logs and there is nothing. I wonder why?...
Kaustubh Kaustubh

Old Value in Select Option

Hi, I have a form in which there is a select option for Gender, what i want to achive is if my validator fails then its get redirect back with old inputs. but i dont...
andy0517 andy0517

Authentication API return wrong result (URGENT! looking for help)

Hi, I'm new to laravel. I doing the API authentication right now. And I found my API didn't work as what shd be. I followed the guide of building it but in the end there i...
marcosdipaolo marcosdipaolo

Scheduled commands on shared hosting and proc_open

There's been an issue trying to use task scheduling in a shared hosting, receivng the error: The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on...
Nana-Odai Nana-Odai

Searching through an array

I have users table Each user has an attribute salary_range which explodes to an array below. $user-> salary_range [ &qu...
siewlon6093 siewlon6093

Error: Call to a member function increment() on null

public function test_a_user_earns_points_when_they_create() { $like = factory('App\Models\Like')->create(); $this->assertEquals(10, $li...
nhayder nhayder

Can't Connect to BD after upgrading MAMP server from 4 to 5

i'm using MAMP 4.* on a macbook pro while building laravel 5.8 app, i have updated MAMP servier from 4 to 5 since then my laravel app couldn't connect to sql DB Correctly....
kodii kodii

create invoice

Hi guys im having the following problem, i want to create an invoice but im stuck, i tried a lot of things but no success, here is blade and invoice controller: name...
oxbir oxbir

How to import multi carousel item slider in project?

I have tried to change my code from this solution Dynamic carousel in PHP Laravel only shows four image but didn't work <div class="row"&...
lah-ben lah-ben

Multiple registration form !

Hello everyone , I need your help about a subject , i want to make a system that contain 3 users type (Admin , Teacher & Student) What is the best method , make 3 table...
purpletree purpletree

Removing Laravel & Composer? Happy to pay for help.

How do I completely remove Laravel and Composer? I have installed both but I was unable to get my project set up. Since then I've gone on the internet and typed so m...
lukesnider lukesnider

Customizing Laravel Sanctum Model

I am running an API that is authenticating against another API using Laravel Sanctum. Does anyone know of a way to override the default Laravel Sanctum PersonalAccessToken...
noblemfd noblemfd

Error 500: Internal server error when $currentstatus = NULL

In my Laravel-5.8 project I have this code: public function manager_employee_goal($id) { $userCompany = Auth::user()->company_id; $...
masterix masterix

Password::broker() with existing email cause SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation

Laravel Version: 7.3.0 PHP Version: 7.4.2 Database Driver & Version: mysql (v5.7.29) Description: I have upgraded an appl...
grozavule grozavule

Missing Episode

In the Object-Oriented Programming track, Episode 9 on Exceptions doesn't include a video to watch. Upon further testing, I found that none of the videos on any of t...
Nicholaus Nicholaus

Waiting on Groups of Queued Jobs

Say I have an image thumbnail generator that uses queues to process and output 4 different thumbnails. What is a good way to know when all four of those jobs have finished?...
ericb013 ericb013

Duplicate files in my Vendor folder

Hello, I have the weirdest issue. I have a Laravel 6 project with the standard Vendor folder. In this project, the vendor files (nearly all of them) keep getting duplicate...
Jafo232a Jafo232a

Laravel Notifications Data Column, How To Use

I see in the notifications table, there is a column called data. How do we add data to this column?...
asadsajjad asadsajjad

Undefined variable: data and limit uploading items to max 3

I am trying to update the product and for that I am updating the pictures. I meant if user want to add more pictures to it but when I do this I get below error...
nickywan123 nickywan123

Trying to get property 'orders' of non-object

I am trying to access data which to is find my product id in my global_products table. This is my view: <tr> @foreach ($purchase as $item)...
dostogir dostogir

Follow Unfollow System implementation time get this error how to solve

Facade\Ignition\Exceptions\ViewException SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'swe332.followables' doesn't exist (SQL: select users.*, (CA...
fahaddsheikh fahaddsheikh

Pass a dynamic variable to middleware

So to explain a user can add multiple origins and see information based on those origins. The workflow is when the user signs in he sees a screen to select the origin and o...
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