Laravel subscriptions

Hello, For my new project I want to use subscriptions. So i had read about Cashier. That's what I need but.. I want not to offer stripe or braintree. I like to offer...

User Policies And Disabled Feature Icons

I'm trying to learn and grasp policies for performing actions through users and roles and permissions. On this example I have a table that loops through my active us...

i want a simple tutorial for laravel 5.3 notification system

i want a simple tutorial for laravel 5.3 notification system...

Shifting laravel projects from Windows to Ubuntu

Hello guys, I had shifted to Ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS from Windows. I have installed apache, mysql and php seperately. I ran artisan serve port and the project is now running, b...

Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row

Inserting record into pivot table I have 2 models as follows which are Many to Many relationship School Program School Model...

Special characters issue in Route Parameters

Hi, I have a route that receives 2 parameters. Now everything works fine in my controller until any of the 2 parameters includes the # character. In this case, the c...

Migrate setup - SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found

I am following this guide to learn how to do the CRUD in laravel but got stuck in the migrate part. I'm getting the error below. [Illuminate\Database\QueryException...

Uses of file_get_contents() in Laravel

I am stuck of using file_get_contents() in laravel. Here is my code- $primaryLocation = $request->input('primary-location');...

forget password doesnt sent mail

using laravel authentication on clicking forget password it says mail send but i didnt receive mail in my email for reseting password MAIL_DRIVER=mail MAIL_HOST=smtp...

Send scheduled emails based on date of entry

Hello, how can I implement this kind of approach. My scenario's like this. I have a feedback form for customers after they fill it out an email will be sent to them stating...

Laravel vs CMS , SEO

Hi guys, How are you? I was wondering if you could help choose what would be the best option for me and the best place to start learning. I would like to make...

Get Current Route Guard

How can I get current route guard name from "request()" or "guard()"? Or any other way? I would like to know if this guard is admin then need to...

Generating thumbs on the fly - 5.3

Before becoming "laraveled" I used a useful class which I bought for $5 called ImageManipulator. In essence it can generate a thumb when required. I have put the...

Thumbnails Best Solution - 5.3

Can someone suggest some code for thumbnailing images. They would be recorded in a table. Thanks....

Thumbnail with Intervention - 5.3

The Laracast regarding images is invalid for 5.3 as the upload simply becomes: if ( isset($request->image) ) {$path = $request->file('image')->store('public/users'...

File instance from path

Is it possibile to create a new File instance from file path? What I'm trying to do is: $file = new File('image.jpg'); Debugb...

Organizing Routes

I was wondering if there is any good suggestions or Organizing Routes? Any Suggestions....

edit date in form

Hi, Me again! I'm building an edit form and the date of Birth shows the default (d-m-y), doesn't fetch from the database. Whats the best way to add this in?...

Problem with posted data using cUrl

Hello Guys, We are posting data from an external website to our Laravel application using curl. But I don't why, we cannot get the posted data in our Laravel app using &quo...

Processing 3rd-party queued jobs

I have an AWS SQS queue which is receiving notifications from Amazon Mechanical Turk. These notifications are in a JSON format, but do not contain any Laravel class informa...
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