Process JSON data from user Auth MySQL

I have a standard make:auth installed, and a MySQL database with a user there. I want to extract data from this user (let's say email) and store each data into different se...

Laravel 5.1 Session expires after a few requests

I'm using Laravel 5.1 with [Jessengers][1] for my web application. I have explored this issue many times over here, on Github and Laracasts but still stuck in solving this....

Foreign Key Constraints Not Applied on Self Referencing Table

Hi, I have a category table called "top_categories" which is self referncing as some category may be sub-category of other. My migration looks like...

Get products from Shopify

Hey guys, New to Laravel. Attempting to get products from Shopify via their API. I've manage it outside of Laravel, but the same code fails to work in Laravel. Mainly i nee...

If Authed, then redirect to custom uri. How?

Hello, I've generated the default Auth, and I got: public function __construct() { $this->middleware('auth'); } in a cust...


I'm trying to learn laravel echo. and I'm stuck at the first part because I don't know what this codes mean how do I use it? what does it do? It...

Redirect giving error

I have two classes of user so after authentication I want to send them to two different pages depending on details in the user table. In the Home Controller I amended index...

Cashier/Braintree need nextBillingDate

i'm implementing Cashier/ Braintree using subscriptions that run for one year, then expire. I set this up in Braintree setting the billingPeriod = 12, and number of billin...

Login Page Secure (HTTPS)

How can I make login, registration page and reset password page secure with best way? I know force HTTPs for all pages but what's best way to make some route secure which o...

Extend the SessionGuard

Hello there, i need to extend the SessionGuard (...

Laravel 5.3 and wildcard session.

Hello all, I have a project that will use wildcard subdomains to configure the UI (,, etc.). This will only be used to l...

Laravel Custom Email Template in MailMessage

Hello, I have the following code sending password reset email: in ResetPassword.php public function toMail() { return (new MailM...

Connecting to the database with manual credentials

Hi guys, is there a way to connect to the database from other configuration file? Let's say I have mydb.php config file that contains array of database information a...

Socialite L5.3

Hi Im trying a Socialite implementation in the new 5.3, this used to work fine before, but now I feel theres a problems with the save, because the dd() works if I put it be...

How to cache relationships? (redis)

I tried to put this in my User model: public function invoices() { $minutes = 10; $result = Cache::remember('tagUserDataTable.user-'....

Laravel5.3 - controller auth problems

Hi, I have an error after upgrading my project to 5.3. I am sharing the user across all my controllers and views, however now Im getting null. This is my code...

5.3 - Problem transferring from localhost to site

I have been developing a system on my local machine and have just uploaded it to the site in question. When I try to login I get: TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken....

Mutator parameter is giving me null

I have used a mutator in my Task model, like public function getAssignUserAttribute($value) { dd($value); // gives me null // if $value have...

Save multiple data to pivot table

Hello, I have post where belongs to many categories, I'm trying to save multiple categories for one post to pivot table (category_post), but whenever I submit the p...

Class not found..

Stuck on error : ReflectionException in Route.php line 280: Class Modules\Users\Http\Controllers\UsersController does not exist This is m...
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