3 years ago

Your thought on PHP 7 at the crossroad

Posted 3 years ago by morerock

Using Laravel for several projects and been giving lot of thought about PHP 7

Laravel like Ruby on Rail isn’t the ideal for performance although Kickstarter has the fund to adopt Ruby on Rails, Laravel is nice for a small scale site, do we really need PHP frameworks when there are functional programming language that doesn’t locked you in and compiled code provide raw performance, >10 times faster than Laravel performance, without compromise in type safe.

PHP7 is 10x slow than Swift 3 and Go. Try benchmarking helloworld.php

PHP Frameworks are 10x complexity than Swift 3 and Go.

Writing some PHP code are not easier to understood. Classes and functional programming are many times slower than most modern languages. Why do we still need to pollute our code?

It spend lot of time reading PHP code and less time to solve simple problem where CURL and static files does really shine and doesn’t make you fight with the language.

If we have a choice, we won’t choose Lumen, Laravel and CI. PHP work well for WordPress and Joomla business case.

PHP 7 has already reached the upper limit that other frameworks could do better in code readability like Swift, Go, Node.js and Ruby on Rails does, it’s time to move on, you won’t feel alien to code in other languages.

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