1 year ago

yajra Datatables with styled results

Posted 1 year ago by ochirach


Version: Datatables 7.0 | Laravel 5.4

After browsing the issues I have managed to convert my datatable logic from Collection based to Query based due to the significant performance improvement (i'm now getting < 1 second with query based from the 3-5 seconds with collection based).

My ISSUE now is that the custom formatting of query results I implemented prior cannot be maintained as the query does not user '->get()' to access the results.

Example scenario of the issue: I used to check if the user was an admin, editor, guest, etc then format the style of the user.role query result with different coloured labels to represent the role. Afterwards I add this to the collection then return to view for better readability of the table results.

Is this formatting possible with query based datatables (now that the ->get() has been removed)?


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