3 years ago

Why laravel dropped elixir? Why forcing Vue.js? what is it that you are trying to fix?

Posted 3 years ago by antracks

First of all this is not a shot at the creator of laravel or the core team or even the community because I love this framework. I left ruby on rails to drink the laravel koolaid because I loved the open source community and now I feel like I followed Jim Jone to guayana. I've noticed this pattern of every year something new comes out and people jump on it not testing things through and I am guilty of it too I do it all the time.

Ever since vue came out I feel this has become a Vue.js fan club. I understand you guys want to jump on what's new in the community to feel like you are leading the way. But most major companies don't use Vue.js we use React or Angular. I can't remember on what version you guys started putting Vue in the package but ever since you guys started promoting it the support for other front end frameworks have gone to sht. The idea of hey "lets build something that works flawlessly with Vue but forget everyone else who don't follow this path" is bullsht...

Elixir worked perfectly there was no reason to drop it. Sass would compile super fast and even the largest react app now is 2x slower at compile. I know what the comments going to say "Hey update your npm" check, "Hey update your node" check, "Hey drop all your nodemodules" yes thats the first thing I did. Mix just don't work as good as GULP period!

I want the old laravel back the one that I put neck on the line for.. the one that was a backend framework for php not a backend framework with a favorite front end framework. I don't know if there's like a behind the scenes deal with Laravel and Vue.js. But people come to you guys for the backend not to force down our throats VUE.JS!!!

I know this might seem like a rant but when everythings been working for years and the moment you start promoting another framework you forget why people use laravel there's a problem. YES I can use elixir, yes I can use my custom gulp file. but WTF happened to laravel why do I have to do everything manually when it used to come with the framework already. This is like when they dropped the html forms. If something works what is it that you are trying to fix? Seriously you guys need to have the community vote on these decisions.

I'll be honest this will be the last time I use laravel for any new project. Unfortunately I have to maintain the old ones but I can no longer blindly trust you guys to make the right decisions like I used to. (Throwing up the Laravel koolaid)

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