8 months ago

Where should this code go??

Posted 8 months ago by RFFRED


Where should I put this code?

    //counts the number of roles in the DB
        $count = Role::count();

        //if roles found
        if ($count > 0){
            $roles = Role::all()->sortBy('name', SORT_NATURAL | SORT_FLAG_CASE)->pluck('name', 'id');
        } else {
            $roles = [];

This code returns all the user roles from a table and will be used to create a dropdown select form element. I have this code used in a few places in my app and I feel I could put it in a function. but where? I don't want to put in any controllers as I don't feel it is the right place for it.

I have read a little about services. Is it what I should use?

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