5 months ago

When I add method('patch') in my view I get syntax error

Posted 5 months ago by k4vouras

I am following a tutorial for laravel and in order to edit the profile of a user it used a patch method. The form was copied from another view that was working as intended. Now when I open the Edit profile view without the line of method('patch') it opens as expected. When I add the patch method I get a syntax error regarding this line

class="form-control{{$errors->has('title') ? 'is-invalid' : ''}}"

with an error message of

syntax error, unexpected 'title' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' (View: \resources\views\profiles\edit.blade.php)

Even when I deleted all elements in the form regarding error handling it still produced an error of unexpected layouts in the last line of the file


Should I rewrite the view from scratch without following the tutorial or is there an easy fix for this kind of problem?

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