3 years ago

whats the best way to generate sitemap in Laravel

Posted 3 years ago by nikocraft


I need to generate sitemap for website that potentially could have very large number of user contributed content. I've read this tutorial: It gives example like this:

public function podcasts()
    $podcast = Podcast::active()->orderBy('updated_at', 'desc')->get();
    return response()->view('sitemap.podcasts', [
        'podcasts' => $podcast,
    ])->header('Content-Type', 'text/xml');

What I don't like is that it's getting all the podcasts from the database at once, if you have 1 million records, that will slow down everyting and this function will be called each time a webspider requests a sitemap.

Is there a smarter way to do this? For example just update sitemap when new record is added, but how would this be accomplished, any ideas?

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