What is the best way to implement social auth and payments?

Published 2 years ago by Alzaabi98

Hi all,

I am working to implement an application to allow login via normal accounts or social account. I want to save more field for each field more than default users table.

so two options . either you register using site login steps like default laravel or using Facebook login..

The next step I want to allow users to buy products and also sell products. then they get money via there Paypal account for example..

what is the best tools to use for such project..?

thanks Abdulaziz


Hey @Alzaabi98 !

For Social Login you should take a look to Socialite.

For payments there's Cashier (for Stripe) or Cashier Braintree for Braintree.


thanks Romainlanz,.

I came across what you mentioned but I could not find something to explain the process in the right order.. so what is the best way to do it..

  • start with basic laravel auth.
  • add extra fields..
  • implement Socialite
  • make user profile..
  • add payments..

I want to understand the right order to make things smooth and run into troubles.

I appreciate your advice.

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