1 month ago

What does require("bootstrap") ?

Posted 1 month ago by felloz

Actually i have a dashboard builded in bootstrap 4, but for some reason this line require("bootstrap"); its breaking the toggle navbar items. So if i comment the line the toggle start to works right again but idk if that function works for something important in laravel mix.

The file is located in resource/js/bootstrap.js and the file its called in the app.js

This is the code:

window._ = require("lodash");

try {
    window.Popper = require("popper.js").default;
    window.$ = window.jQuery = require("jquery");

    //This is the line that broke my toggle nav bar	
} catch (e) {}

window.axios = require("axios");

window.axios.defaults.headers.common["X-Requested-With"] = "XMLHttpRequest";

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