1 year ago

Websockets Server on Homestead using Laravel Websockets

Posted 1 year ago by nickdavies07

I'm using the beyondcode/laravel-websockets package and I'm trying to start the websockets server on Homestead.

I've SSH'd into Homestead and ran php artisan websockets:serve command to start the server however it keeps throwing back an error saying the address is already in use.

$ php artisan websockets:serve
Starting the WebSocket server on port 6001...

   RuntimeException  : Failed to listen on "tcp://": Address already in use

  at /home/vagrant/code/websockets/vendor/react/socket/src/TcpServer.php:164

A quick check with sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN shows the vagrant php service is using the port. How would I change the port for websockets, is it just as simple as changing the port in broadcasting.php and restarting the server?

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