Vue js object property called within a blade call possible?

Posted 2 years ago by douglas_quaid

Hi I have the following inline-template for a list of courses

<courses inline-template>
            <ul v-for="course in">
                <li><a href="{{ route('', ['id' => @{{}}]) }}"><b>@{{ }}</b></a></li>
                <p>@{{ course.description }}</p>
                <ul v-for="lesson in course.lessons">
                    <li><a href="#"><b>@{{ }}</b></a></li>
                    <p>@{{ lesson.description }}</p>

I want to reference the route to a course nicknamed '' (/courses/{course}) and I want to pass in to the route the id that the vue course object has. However, Laravel is saying

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{'

How do I fix this call? Is this even possible to call vue js property inside of a laravel blade route function?


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