Validate numbered array

Posted 10 months ago by movepixels

I have seen the other posts about array validation, but my case appears different.

return [
      '*.area_id'=> [
        'exists' => [
          'areas' => ['id']
        new UniqueToUser($queryModel = 'area_profiles'), 
        new BottomNode($queryModel = '\App\Models\Area')

as my array looks like:

[{sort: 1, area_id: 137}, {sort: 2, area_id: 86}, {sort: 3, area_id: 108}, {sort: 4, area_id: 268},…]

All the docs I have seen the array validation uses the field dot asterisk 'area_id.*' but for me its *.area_id which produces something like:

Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '0.area_id' in 'where clause' (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from `area_profiles` where `0`.`area_id` = 268 and `profile_id` = 79195f1e-b9d9-11e7)"

Is there a simple way or am I stuck with a foreach loop?

Thanks, Dave

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