Using Take and Offset Not Get Data in with method

Posted 3 years ago by sandygajera

hi , i am use a laravel 4.2 in that i write below query but i can not receive data query: $shipping_counteroffer_details = ShippingDetails::where('id','=',$id)
->with(array('shipping_counter_offer'=>function($query) use ($user_details) { $query->where('i_shipper_id',$user_details->id); $query->orwhere('i_driver_id',$user_details->id); $query->orwhere('i_driver_id','0'); $query->skip(0)->take(1); $query->orderby('d_created_date','desc') ->select('id','i_shipping_id','i_driver_id','i_shipper_id','f_counter_value','v_comment','e_counter_offer_status','e_offered_by'); }))->get()->toArray();

but if i remove $query->skip(0)->take(1); line from above query then i get a all records as per query but actually i get only one latest records as per date wise so plz help what i do wrong in above query or is there any other way to get latest records as per date wise

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