3 years ago

Using Laravel to display movie collection DB w filters?

Posted 3 years ago by MN1

Hi All,

Front-end developer here looking to make a database challenge for myself:

I'm thinking of creating a database of my disc-based movie/tv collection (I have some DVDs, some Blu-Rays, most are movies, some are TV shows) and connecting to some movie-based API to get the duration in minutes and year of release, and display that on a one-page site with sorting functionality and maybe pagination. I suppose I'd still need to indicate manually whether it's a Blu-Ray or DVD, but then ideally someone could see what TV shows I have that are DVDs in reverse alphabetical order, or perhaps what movies I have in Blu-Ray format in ascending minute duration order, etc.

Would Laravel accomplish this? Any ideas on how to get started? I know some PHP and SQL but only on the beginner to low-intermediate level. Any good examples of how to connect to a movie-based API?

Thanks in advance!

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