Using laravel policy to filter eloquent query

Posted 2 months ago by DavidPetrov

So I recently just got into the concept of gates and policies and totally loved it. However, a natural question that appeared alongside my work was if I could somehow simply use similar logic to filter my eloquent queries based on access constraints defined in policies, because that would really optimise my infrastructure and boost performance.

I can, however, see that policies are made to work with implicit model binding and are using fetched instances. Would there be an analogy for such an approach when building queries anyway?

A modest example would be the following: I've got two models, Role and DocumentCategory that share a belongsToMany relationship. Every User has a role and I want to only fetch the documents for the use to see, whose categories belong to the user's role. Policies work like a charm and I realize filtering my query would not be that simple.

Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!

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