4 years ago

Using a function from another controller

Posted 4 years ago by jediping

I've got several places in my app where one controller needs to access a method in another controller. I tried something like this:


public function new_user_toy(User $user){
        //Make sure the toy knows how to make itself and one other pattern
        ToyPattern::store($toy->id, $toy_pattern->id);
        ToyPattern::store($toy->id, $known_pattern->id);

It doesn't work, and from what I've read on the issues, it shouldn't, because I shouldn't be having controllers talk to each other. (Plus I think that actually calls the model, not the controller.) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any resources on how to implement something like this correctly in the MVC framework. I read a bit that suggested going through the model, but didn't really provide a good example on how that would work.

Some things I'm trying to do: When a new user is created, assign them a toy. (Many-to-many relationship between toys and users.) When a toy is created, assign it two known patterns. (One-to-many relationship between toys and known patterns.)

I'm pretty new to Laravel and MVC, so even some basic guidance here would be great.

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