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Posted 3 years ago by spoon


I have a strange problem that I can't solve.

When a user is registered, I redirect them to a feed url, open a modal and tell my user to activate his account by clicking the email link that I sent them. But after I click the link, I keep being redirected to the exact same page (feed) and my account isn't being activated. What could be the problem here?


Route::group(['namespace' => 'Auth'], function ()
    Route::group(['middleware' => 'auth'], function ()
        Route::get('activate/{token}', 'PasswordController@activate');


public function activate($token) {
    //get token value.
    // find the user that belongs to that token.
    $activation = User::where("confirmation_code", $token)->get()->first();
    $activation->confirmed = 1;

RedirectIfAuthenticated.php If I remove feed url, it works. But I don't want to do that.

public function handle($request, Closure $next)
    if ($this->auth->check()) {

        return redirect('/feed');

    return $next($request);

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